The VenusFactor is a interesting diet, nutrition and fat loss course for women. It’s a online based, hence, no physical product will be delivered to you. VF’s  author John Barban makes bold claim that you can lose weight by following his nutrition manual alone. But to get the sexy shape you have to follow the 12 weeks workouts program.

Eat the food you love to lose weight!

Venus Factor allows you to eat pretty much anything you want to eat! It’s not a crash diet and there is no meal-by-meal diet menu to follow (of course in moderation). This program is for sculpting body and getting that sexy hourglass figure. If you want to lose weight then you need to restrict your calories. Again, you don’t have to count each and every calorie you have consumed in a log file. If you know that you are eating healthy foods then you are fine to get Venus body.[source]

Why Dieting Freedom is important for women?

Women cannot follow restrictive diet like men due to many physiological and psychological reason.  The way Leptin (the most important fat burning hormone) works & respond to dieting changes  differs for women from men. Typically, men can follow a highly restrictive diet program with one cheat day each week. But the same cannot be said to women!

A lifestyle that does not include eating healthy or exercising on a regular basis can only bring dangerous side effects. The risk of getting stroke and any other cardio vascular disease increase with increase in weight. Biologically, it is difficult for women to lose weight in comparison to men. This is because of the Leptin hormone and Venus factor focuses on this hormone to help reduce weight.

Watch the video below to learn more about Leptin Hormone

7 day diet plan:

There is in fact a one week crash diet called “Slim in 7” provided as a extra program. This is meal-by-meal diet plan if you want drop tons of weight within a week. It’s a co-authored by John Barban (celebrity trainer) and Roberta Saum who is an athlete and celebrity [source] Look at Roberta’s image above. Would you believe it if I said she is 52 year old woman? tough….tough… but she is an amazing inspiration to all .

In this crash diet course you’ll learn the celebrity secret from a celebrity herself! This diet allows you to  systematically reduce your calories intake daily for 7 days. Once you have completed the 7 day diet, your waistline would have reduced by several inches; you’ll have glowing skin and much better looking booty. I don’t think this crash diet is easy to follow. But one week of sacrifice would get you amazing result. After all, this is exactly what celebrities and fitness models do before a photo session or important social events.

Final Word:

Venus factor is s a  fantastic online weight loss program for women. It cost $47 which is still incredible value because you get to learn from a world class nutritionist and celebrity trainer John Barban. And inside the Venus community you can interact with 1000’s of women who transformed their body already. Plus you can also learn from few tips and tricks from celebrities and fitness models themselves.

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