Bring the Romance Back

OK… I’m back – again.  Why the long absence?  The very short version: out of state funeral for my Grandma, son off to college, semi-vacation, side business, two little ones at home and a full time job.  I honestly do not understand how people can handle having more than three small children all in sports,

PhenGold – Look Better Naked!

Ever found yourself buying a fabulous bikini only to cover yourself up when you’re actually wearing it at the beach? Doesn’t make sense, does it?  Surely, that lack of self confidence when dressed in that two-piece bathing suit is brought about by a few lumps and bumps – all in the wrong places. Do you

Feast Away Your Fat program – Review

Just thinking about feasting while you follow a diet plan seems to be somewhat unreal, but reviews by knowledgeable nutritionist support the idea. This little known information is incorporated into the Feast Away Your Fat program (FYFA) by Nate Miyaki. What is this program all about? One of the most attractive components of this particular